SA Volleyball Recap – Week One

Sand Volleyball
This isn’t a picture of our team, but let’s talk about the poor choices those tattoos represent.

Taking the year off from softball has allowed your Strategic Americans an opportunity to really explore the new and different recreational sports opportunities that are out there. Some of your coworkers have taken up yoga while others have looked into co-ed arm wrestling. There are even a few who have decided to single-handedly repopulate southern Polk County. Due to age and poor genetics, the rest of us were left to join the SA volleyball team. Check the sand for abandoned hypodermic needles and let’s recap!

Players in Attendance:
Jim, Rob “Iron Man,” Mike, Heath, Bianca, Kelsey (the girl) and Jessica “The MC Hammer”

Let’s Break This Down:
• If you thought that all of SA’s athletic talent was in softball, then you have a very different definition of “athletic talent” than I do. We aren’t in any position to be offering lessons just yet, but we were competitive last night, competent even. We volleyed! We balled! It was like being mugged by a rainbow.
• The atmosphere was reminiscent of the volleyball scene from Top Gun. However, there was less Kenny Loggins, but more girls and, in a shocking turn of events, body oil.
• The ladies of the SA volleyball team came out focused and ready last night. Jessica “The MC Hammer” started us off serving in the first match and led the team to five unanswered points. Bianca dove into the sand for a save within the first 15 minutes of the game and Kelsey was sending the ball back over the net with an aggressiveness we haven’t seen since that needle-happy nurse from the wellness screening last month.
• Like a masseuse for John Travolta, we really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. Luckily for us, Jim, Rob and Mike did an outstanding job. I would compare them to professional volleyball players, but professional volleyball players are like unicorns to me: I want to believe they exist, but I have no evidence.
• We didn’t end up winning, but we had a good showing for our first game. We even played an extra game just for the practice, which I’m pretty sure is one of the Covey habits. Quadrant Five is Margaritaville!

Match One: SA 9, Other Team 15
Match Two: SA 6, Other Team 15
Game Winner: Other Team

Current Record: 0 for 1

Two Things Overheard at the Game:

“I hate to break it to you, but there are ugly strippers.”
“You know how I love vodka? That’s how much my mom loves Disney.”

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