“Branded” Still Looks Terrible

As an avid Our Couch reader, I’m sure you remember this.


I would have thought that was probably the last we’d hear about this movie until Oscar season, but I was mistaken. The directors (yes, there are two of them –  Jamie Bradshaw and Aleksandr Dulerayn – what a waste of a good opportunity to use the checks and balances system!) of the movie released an exclusive clip to Entertainment Weekly’s website, EW.com, and it is a doozy (or “doozie” as our Australian friends would say).

They start out harmlessly enough, by pointing out that sometimes movies remind you of other movies. I can live with that. The Avengers reminds me of The Help, obvs. But then they say how this movie of theirs is so great because there’s never been anything like it before. I would agree that there are certainly films out there that are great, partly because they are completely original. However, there are lots of movies out there that are completely original and are hardcore terrible (I’m using the term “original” loosely on these examples: One, Two and Three*).

And then they go on to reference The Matrix and I just will not allow them to sully the canon of Mr. Keanu Reeves. Good day, sirs. I SAID GOOD DAY.

*This is included based solely on the fact that the filmmakers hired Toby Keith to act in their movie. Clear heads and full hearts make good movies – not Toby Keith!


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