This Week in Wellness

Thank you for the HD-sponsorship, Kit Kat! Jon Stewart is much more enjoyable when I can see his pores. I will break myself off a piece in appreciation. Not a big piece though because I have to keep up with my SA-sponsored wellness.

Speaking of…let’s break down this week in wellness!

Monday morning a couple highly-qualified Mercy nurses set up shop downstairs and we were given free (free to us, paid for by SA) health screenings. We had to “fast” for 12 hours prior to testing. Most of my fasting hours were spent sleeping so I made it okay. I have a bowl of M&M’s out in plain sight at my house, so kudos to me for making it through.

Monday mornings are never fun, but they are made all the less fun when no one has had any breakfast or coffee. Lucky for us breakfast was provided for the fee of 2 vials of blood and letting someone measure our “waist girth”. Totally worth it! The nurse and I had a lovely chat about kittens while she was collecting my breakfast payment.

We had 57 associates participate and 4 spouses. Looks like we’re all interested in our wellness level.

Tuesday was a more enjoyable day as far as wellness. We have a work-sanctioned recess we call, Time Out Tuesday. The idea is to get up and get moving. To help facilitate the fun we have a Time Out Tuesday Toy Box. I’m partial to the hula hoops. I’m hoping we will eventually get my favorite exercise device from childhood,  Get in Shape Girl Rhythm and Ribbon.

[youtube 56udkINI_-g]

Wednesday we (the royal we) fell off the wellness wagon due to a deluge of snacking options.
Thursday started out with me witnessing someone eating snap peas for breakfast. A+ for wellness based on that alone. That cancels out any bad decisions made by anyone else. Let’s ignore everything else that went down on Thursday.

And today is High Five Friday. We received our fancy new shirts from 8/7 Central and we are looking healthy and highly dapper. Enjoy the weekend! Try not to fall off the wellness wagon.

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