Being Green

SA is on planet patrol. As you know we adopted a highway last year. And as you can see in our previous post our stretch of highway is action packed. If you are our Facebook friend you may have seen a picture of John Schreurs, President of SA, our own Captain Planet taking care of our mile of interstate.
John got out of his high visibility clean-up gear, into his suit (because that’s what superheroes do) and here he is accepting SA’s Environmental Impact Award.

SA has been going green, big time. Even on Purple Tuesdays. We remain green on the inside, while wearing purple on the outside.

Marilyn Cox, John Schreurs, Lisa Holtorf and Lore McManus Solo

Pretty neato looking award, huh? It was designed by Des Moines artist Gabriel Lueders.

When we moved into our building we did so with sustainability in mind. From our light bulbs to our toilets, we’re saving energy wherever we can. We have also enlisted the help of RecycleMe Iowa.  (Contact them for more information on making your business or apartment green.)

So far this year we’ve saved 12 trees! It’s only May. By the end of the year we’ll probably have saved an entire forest! Alright that’s probably a stretch . . . Let’s go with a city park’s worth of trees. Either way we’re doing good things and we will continue doing good things!

So become our facebook friend and keep checking in with us for future awesomeness.

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