Thoughts on The Pitch

My first thought is, there are a lot of people out there on TV right now that look like Tonya Harding. Okay, just two that I can think of, but that seems like a lot. Doesn’t it?

Liz Paradise from McKinney
Robin Zasio from Hoarders
Actual Tonya Harding

There were some lofty claims made about a viral video. Claims like the group at McKinney had stumbled upon a youtube video of a “rapper” rapping about making pancakes.
They proudly told the Subway execs, “We stumbled upon this video.” While they did find it on the internet, 9 million people found it prior to their discovery. That’s fine. Also, I discovered America.

McKinney admitted to having a hard time trusting their young creative teams. So what did they do? They put their trust in the more capable hands of Mac Lethal.

[youtube Teaft0Kg-Ok]

(Check out his Subway rap HERE.)

Tracy Wong, founding partner of WDCW, is not afraid of fashion or his creative team. He wore mustard colored shoes to the pitch. It seemed the editors did not agree with his fashion forwardness as there were cuts from the shoes to confused looks on Subway execs faces. I don’t think the confused looks were about the shoes. I could be wrong, but I’ve watched enough episodes of the Real Housewives franchise to know made-up shoe drama when i see it.

That concludes my thoughts on The Pitch.

Share yours if you are so inclined!
Did you think Subway went with the right agency? How do you feel about Tracy’s shoes?

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