zipster: One who uses Zipcar. A gender neutral term for a person (or people: Zipsters) who believe in cost-effective transportation solutions that are good for the planet and easy on the wallet.

I was watching the Colbert Report last night and he was interviewing AOL co-founder Steve Case. (Watch interview HERE) They talked about our new sharing economy and something I hadn’t heard of, Zipcar. Zipcar is a car sharing service. It’s now available in 28 states (Iowa not included…yet) as well as the United Kingdom.

As kids we were all taught to share. Now as adults we’re learning to share (and over-share) all over again. We’ve all grown used to ownership, but today people are wanting more and more to feel like part of a community. We’re looking for ways to be more responsible to our environment and save money. Each Zipcar shared takes at least 15 personally-owned vehicles off the road.

Zipcar reservations can be made 24/7; online, over the phone, with their handy app. Cars can be reserved for the day or even hourly. Each vehicle has a home location: a reserved parking space located on a street, driveway or neighborhood parking lot in the member’s area, to which it must be returned at the end of the reservation.

Des Moines has a successful bicycle sharing program, B-cycle. Perhaps car sharing is in our future.

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