Crisis Management: Toaster Edition

As some of you may have seen, Strategic America is in the midst of a toaster placement crisis.

We’ve seen our fair share of problems in the break room. We are professionals. We handled this crisis as we handle every crisis, with grace and dignity. We took the notes advice, we thought about it. We explored our options.

Atop the vending machine.
In the elevator.
On our beloved Couch.
On our COO’s desk.
On our steps.
On Kelcey’s (an everyday toaster user) desk.
At the front desk.
We gave it its own cubible.
We tested ease of use under the Christmas tree.
Taking up an entire parking space.
The ladies room.

After all of that research and thought we came to the big decision. Where will we place our toaster?

Where it had been up until yesterday.

We decided it was best where it had been since we moved into the building. We all feel better about this decision after exploring our options. I don’t feel we’re settling. This is truly where our toaster was meant to be.

Happy Friday and happy toasting!



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