Combat Hunger. Also, Success at Pre-Thanksgiving 2011

SA’s annual Thanksgiving Potluck was this week and as usual, we were highly successful at both preparing and eating the food. Just look at these pictures:

This is me before:

I feel like this is fairly normal (although I had a passport photo taken the same day and the lady suggested I look in the mirror before she took the picture, which earned her a side-eye).

This is me after:

As you can tell, the food was bountiful and tasty. The camera flash made my shirt look like it had changed color in the second photo, but you get the idea. Some of the dishes were pretty out-there (people did things with grapes that I didn’t even think was legal), but I think “delicious” is the most apt word to describe the spread.

It’s nice to be able to step away from your desk and spend time with your coworkers in a more relaxed setting, and I challenge anyone to not be relaxed while eating mashed potatoes. They are not only a vehicle for gravy, but they soak up stress like nothing. That’s science!

The nice spread at lunch today not only filled our bellies, it also gave us some perspective on our other company-wide event for the week: Combat Hunger. The price of admission for our annual potluck is donating two items to Combat Hunger. We collect everyone’s items here at SA and the fine people at Combat Hunger come and pick up our donations and deliver them to the Food Bank of Iowa.

This year, SA collected over 500 pounds of food, plus $253 in cash donations. For every $1 donated, the Food Bank of Iowa can provide five meals to those in need. That means that our $253 will be turned into 1,265 meals. Each dollar counts as two pounds of food, so if you’re into measure things exclusively in pounds, our total contribution came out to over 1,000 pounds. First, hey math – what’s up girl? Also, look at all the good we do!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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