Neenah’s Cabinet


Paper floral arrangement by Megan Rold of Field Paper.

Field Paper‘s very own Megan Rold was in today showing us Neenah’s new swatch books (which looked great) and she also told us about their handy application called Cabinet.

Cabinet brings swatchbooks to your desktop. Which is obviously great while you’re designing, but it’s also a good way to make sure you’re using the latest swatches. Have you ever gone to your swatch cabinet and decided upon some paper only to find out it’s not available? It’s a bummer. A great tool to avoid being bummed out! It’s always synched up with the latest papers, colors, textures, weights and finishes. You can also check availability. Handy dandy. The handy dandy-ness doesn’t stop there! Neenah also offers free personal proofs. So you and your clients will not have any surprises after the project hits the press. Worried about the trees? Read THIS. Now go forth and print!

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