What Do You Know About Cookies?

I saw a commercial last night for Newton Fruit Thins. It told me I was about to kiss everything I knew about cookies good-bye. It sounded like a threat to me. I’ve only ever thought good things about cookies. They’re delicious. I enjoy making them and I enjoy sharing them because they are edible happiness.

Why would I want to kiss all of that good-bye? I have to say, the future of cookies kind of looks like a cracker to me. Soon we’ll be telling our children, “Back in my day cookies used to taste good. They held no nutritional value and we didn’t care!”

I figured before we lost all of our happy thoughts about cookies we should collect them here, for future generations.  Here are a some fellow SAers’ thoughts on cookies. It will be a sad day when we have to kiss them all good-bye.


Cookies should be delicious, sugary and unhealthy. Preferably with chocolate included.
-Katie Popp

Cookies are “yummy to the tummy” and makes me happy. Enough said. 🙂
-Tammy McDowell

A cookie a day keeps the doctor away. The typical cookie has no real nutritional value, which is why they taste so great. Best served with milk!
-Ryan Willett

Here are my thoughts on cookies: Delicious, Comforting, Mood Boosters, Endless Varieties, Not Healthy, Guilty Pleasure
-Jami Sinclair

We mostly make cookies at home, so we generally stick to the usual butter, sugar and flour routine. I think cookies are a lot like food from the State Fair: if they’re not terribly unhealthy, they’re not cookies. 

After watching the spot, I’m a little confused about Nabisco telling me that Newtons are cookies, since I spent my childhood watching TV ads of odd British children telling their parents that what they were eating was not a cookie, but a Fruit Newton. Things change, I guess.
-Greg Welch

I know that cookies are yummy! 
-Lori Strum

I don’t think I have ever really thought about cookies…
Except I like them best in my belly. And I don’t really care what is in them (kinda like hot dogs) as long as they taste good.
-April Gaxiola

I know that homemade cookies are better than store-bought.
I know that if you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want a glass of milk.
I know that cookies aren’t healthy for you.
-Jim Davis

As a little kid,  with my mother baking ginger bread boy cookies, she instructed me to block the door as she was about to open the oven door and wanted to make sure they didn’t get out. I obeyed and flung myself at the door causing great bodily injury.

Cookie is my new nickname.
-Cameron “Cookie” Miller

Yummy, soft, sugar cookies with frosting are the best, made with love 🙂
-Joey Taylor Moon

Cookies are delicious…but bad for you.
Those look more like crackers than cookies!
-Jessica Laake

Cookies are best right out of the oven.
-Lisa Holtorf

I know the fastest way to ruin a cookie is to put raisins in it. You might as well add a cup of human hair.
-Heath Smith

Thanks for the memories, cookies. I, for one, do not welcome our new cookie overlords.

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