The Couch Made It On Mashable!

The Couch is included in Mashable’s picture gallery of “Digital Agency Work Spaces That Evoke Creativity.” As excited as we are for our leathered friend, we thought you might evoke even MORE creativity if we showed you around the rest of the building. By the end of this post you’ll have creativity coming out your ears!

Jeriann Ritter is an inspiration to us all.
Our break room looks like it was designed by Willy Wonka. No golden tickets required to enter this fun zone. 
I saw quite a few UNI posters.
And some ISU posters.

Step up your game, SA Hawk fans. (I probably missed your U of I office decor on my photo hunt. You guys are usually pretty good about letting people know you’re fans.)

Around here even our happenings are strategic!
Someone evoked so much creativity they drove a van through the wall!
There’s the couch and our lunch. The couch is a brainstorming and lunch destination!
This hallway is known as The Green Mile. According to some it’s the longest hallway in any office in existence today. Those people are wrong, but it’s pretty long.
More natural light=more media buys!
This is our wall of fancy.
This room is glowing with creativity! (And overhead lighting.)
No acrobats!? That IS big news!
My Bach takes cube decor seriously.
Our Couch’s cousin, the upholstered bench in the ladies room.
If you have to wait to talk to our CEO or COO, you wait in style.
A fun way to learn the alphabet!
Amongst some awards, a bra. Our entry 2 years ago for Bras for the Cause.
The creative department hoards natural light. So much some people had to wear sunglasses in our pre-window covering days.
Fun fact: Sometimes we’ll have the same Song of the Week two weeks in a row.
A tidy display of toys.

Hope we could evoke some extra creativity. If you’ve evoked too much creativity, wait at least 15 minutes before driving your cardboard van.

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