Recycling Rangers to the Rescue!


A small group of awesome people at SA have started a company-wide initiative to reduce, recycle and reuse if possible. We launched this endeavor July 1st with our pilot program aimed to reduce recyclable waste in the trash in our kitchen, by introducing a 33 gallon recycle bin, thanks to our friends at RecycleMe Iowa. Within 1 month we saw unbelievable results, collecting over 300 gallons of recyclables!

This photo below is from the first week we launched the project.

Since the launch we have a good amount of feedback and the bin is getting full every three days or so, which is so great since we are reducing waste in our trash can. Since the beginning of this we have started working on internal waste stream audit and have come up with some interesting information. One thing to note, that we found interesting in particular, is the amount of paper we have used so far this year (get ready for this).  We have used 109 cases of 8½ x 11 paper, there are 10 reams in a case, 1,090 reams total, which equals out to 545,000 sheets of paper – equivalent to 7 pine trees!

We felt pretty bad for the trees, so we have decided to make one of our company goals this year to reduce our paper consumption by 1 tree. We are starting to implement digital billing, and continuing to encourage double sided printing.  We have a long way to go, but would love to be one of the first zero waste companies in Des Moines… how awesome would that be?

What’s your company doing to reduce waste and recycle?

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