Obviously You’re Not A Golfer

Friday SA’s Creative Dept. had a Creative Dept. outing. We planned to go pontooning, but Summer had already passed by the time the outing day arrived. So instead, we hit the lanes. That’s right, we went bowling. We weren’t the only people bowling on Friday afternoon, we shared the lanes with a Senior League. (Whose bowling skills put us all to shame.)

Jami even wore her lucky Bob bowling shirt for the occasion! It worked like a charm. In fact it was said that her and myself (Kasey) carried the team to our 2 out of 3 victories. I did not have a lucky shirt. I did, however, wear fancy socks. From this day forth they will be known as lucky.
Fun Fact Time! Cameron “Cookie” Miller’s (production manager) dad made the neon bowler that adorns the top of Plaza Lanes. Pretty neat, huh? So many wonderful things can somehow be traced back to SA, 6 degrees of Strategery.I’d like to take this opportunity to say that SA’s creative department gets an A+ in sharing. We had 6 people using the same lucky, green ball.

Taco pizza is strangely controversial. Some say you should either have a taco or pizza. Why would you do that when this culinary wonder exists? Best of both worlds. Controversy over.

An afternoon of bowling, beer, pizza and nachos is a pretty awesome way to end a week. For most people that would be enough fun to keep them going for AT LEAST a month. We aren’t most people. The fun didn’t stop there. Later that evening we were invited to see John Donovan’s sketch comedy show. He’s part of a comedy group called Banana Punch. They were performing their best sketches at the Fourth St. Theater. They put on one heck of a show, during which I ate a rice krispie treat the size of my head.

A wonderful time had by all! Stay tuned for more agency adventures.

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