Client Services Party in the Hizzy

Our Client Services Department recently hosted a lunch for the rest of the agency to show their appreciation for the help they get from other departments, which helps them to do their jobs as well as they do. Needless to say, it was a smashing success. I mean, they gave us free food and held a drawing for a gift card to a restaurant that also has food. What’s not to love? We’re pigs!

Check out the photos below (taken by the very talented Jessica Laake). It will be just like you were there, except without the food or prizes. That sounds like a terrible party for you.

Winning Raffle

Jim is drawing the name of the winner of the door prize (your very own Dunkin’ Donuts franchise).

Being GreatShe’s a graphic designer and a Tupperware model! He treats ketchup violently and is just thrilled about it!

Eying FoodIf you try to take April’s food, she will cut you.

Gladiator MoviesDo you ladies like gladiator movies?

Ground MeatsThis is a new cooking technique developed specifically for the Accounting Department.

Happy Meat LadiesLook how happy they are.
This was even before they started doing shots.

Happy TimesAmanda and Katie are plotting your demise.

John HaremIt’s everyone’s favorite game – being photographed while eating!


Michelle NappingMichelle is becoming one with her burger.

Nap TimeFree eats make Chris and Greg tired.

No You AreNo, you are!

Probably IllegalThis is clearly harassment.

Side EyeSheryl is giving you the side-eye!

Smoking MeatsThis was a practice batch. We fed them to some local hipster teens.

Thanks For ComingThanks for coming! Now get back to work.

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