SA Softball Recap – Game 12

Your Strategic Americans
Your Strategic Americans!

Have you been wondering what your Strategic Americans and the Iowa State Fair have in common? Besides smelling like a tantalizing mixture of funnel cake, desperation and Stetson, we both put it out there for all of America last night (eww – not like that). The State Fair was certainly a winner (despite because of the mesh tank tops), but did your Strategic Americans bring home a win last night? Is that question rhetorical? Is that one? Let’s recap, blue ribbon style!

Players in attendance!
Greg, Caleb, Katie, Lori, Heath, Kelly, Jessica, Maria, Kevin, Sid and Amanda the Sub (not of the Cheese or Glynn variety)

Fans and Super-Fans!
Kasey, Michael, Mike D., Sara B., Antwon, Lori’s daughter, Greg’s family and Katie’s family. Bettina was back again this week, but is now going by the name Kelsey.

Let’s Break This Down.

• The whole game was very orderly and efficient. It was like the Trapper Keeper of recreational sports. Is that Aunt Becky from Full House? I feel like I shouldn’t have admitted I knew that.
• We had some good fielding going on too. Caleb caught two hits to the outfield (and in the same inning, no less). Sid was a brick wall with a smile – he was stopping things/people left and right. Maria kept the outfield in good shape.
• We had a couple of good scoring runs too. Several times during the game we had multiple people on base. Like the first time I showed up to work to find six change orders with yesterday’s due date on them, it was a milestone.
• As some of you may recall from last year, a creature has been spotted from time to time at the softball complex who goes by the name of Debbie Denim. Like Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster, some people don’t believe she really exists. Last night, we were lucky enough to play her team and an eagle-eyed fan caught this image:

Debbie Denim!
Debbie Denim!

Also, she’s kind of great at softball. I salute those pants, miss. You are the unicorn of rec softball.

Final Summary
Score: SA 6, Other Team 13
The team we played last night was supposed to be a lot better than us (which, if you insist on being realistic, the score reflects), but we held our own. We had a good time and, like a Renaissance festival set up in an abandoned mall, the whole affair was dripping in respectability.

And finally, this week’s edition of Two Things I Overheard At The Game
“Doughnuts and then bed? What are you depressed about or celebrating?”
“Take it back. If I wanted something your thumb touched I’d eat the inside of your ear.”

Next week’s game is at 7:00pm.

Go team!


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