Moveable Type Truck

Our very own, Jami Sinclair went to visit the Moveable Type Truck yesterday to learn about printing the old fashioned way. The truck made a stop at Domestica in the East Village of Des Moines on Monday evening for the AIGA Moveable Type and the Domestica Poster Party. She talked to the lady behind the truck about how the type truck came about.

Kyle Durrie, of Power and Light Letterpress and Design, was inspired while accompanying a band on tour through the midwest. She loved traveling cross country and the people she met along the way. She wanted to tie that in with her love of printing. So, Kyle came up with the plan and pitched her idea on to raise the money. The goal was more than doubled and soon a Chevy step van was converted into a letterpress print shop.

Moveable Type hit the road in June 2011 to do demos and workshops across North America. Check the tour schedule to see if it’s making a pit stop in a city near you!

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