Get Out Of Your Van—Get Onto The Vine

Let’s pretend this is a few years ago. You’re sitting across the table from a person you admire and respect. He tells you about this vision he has. He tells you he wants you to build it. He tells you he wants you to market it. He says, partner with me on this, and make this vision of mine a reality.

Let’s pretend his idea is Wikipedia.

And unless you’ve been living in a van down by the river for the last decade, you know just how powerful and meaningful Wikipedia has become.

What would you do? Would you accept the challenge? Would you say, “bring it” with all the enthusiasm you could muster? Or would you run for the hills? Would you say, “Thanks for thinking of me, but ideas this big are too hard to start?”

Fast forward to a year ago where I sat across the table from a person I admire and respect. He tells me the same things. He’s got an amazing concept and surely it must already exist.

It doesn’t.

Let me think on it. And by think on it, I mean, I don’t sleep for a week because the idea is that good. And the concept, while simple, completely changes the way the world will look at their lives. It will change the way people discover and explore content forever.

So I didn’t run for the hills. Nope, I said “bring it” and I’m still singing that song to whoever will listen.

Welcome to my crazy world, where I live and breath in every spare waking moment. We have the greatest Website you’ve never heard of. And I’m not being arrogant because vineme certainly wasn’t my idea. And I’m not being cocky, because I’m not the amazing talent that wrote the code for the site. I’m sold out to vineme. I believe in it that much.

Someone on Twitter upon learning about vineme wrote, “Great idea, but too ambitious.” We define the word ambitious with our tagline, “Timeline for the World.” And through this approach, we hope to assemble as many photos as you’re willing to share to see how our world has evolved over time. We want to become Wikipedia for photos.

But we don’t stop there. We offer archiving tools for you to add people, places, and tags to every photo – ALL based on a timeline. And when you search for yourself on vineme, you might actually find photos of you that you never knew existed. If not today, then soon perhaps.

And that’s where you come in. Adding photos and marking them with time, tags, places and people is just the start. Others searching the site for where they were, or better yet, WHEN they were, might find those old photos as well.

Imagine jarring loose an old memory? Or seeing a man age 37 years in less than a minute? Or simply how the world defines the word “War” through time.

It’s happening right now on vineme.

And while vineme may never be Wikipedia big, we think it’s worth spending a couple of minutes of your time to check out for yourself. If you like what you see, tell someone. And if we can make this a greater experience for you, tell us.

Josh Fleming is the co-founder and CEO of, a social photo-sharing platform built on the foundation of a timeline. vineme thrives through the power of crowd-sourced content by empowering people with tools to add greater context to their photos through time, tags, places and people.

Kasey’s Addendum:

I started out on vineme as a beta tester. I was having so much fun I started thinking about things I was doing in terms of their “vine potential”. That includes everything from an Underground Bacon Rebellionroad trips and my unyielding obsession with abandoned places.

Somehow (The “somehow” is certainly the talented team behind vineme.) vineme keeps getting better and better. The upload times are crazy fast. They recently upgraded the site to allow easy upload of facebook and flickr albums. It even uploads your photo captions from facebook. I can’t see myself remaining on facebook forever, so the easy archiving all my photos ensures all the fun I’ve had on facebook won’t be gone forever. Whew. It’s really exciting to see an amazing idea grow even more amazing.

SA has recently grabbed onto the vine. Check out pics from our 25th Anniversary party a few years back. Notice the time stamp? Right down to the minute! Good work, vineme. Keep up the awesomeness.

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