Artistic America: State Fair Edition

Welcome to the second installment of Artistic America. Our first edition featured dry erase art depicting: freedom, Des Moines, an eagle and fireworks! All the things that make this country great.

Everyone in the office was delighted to see our softball coach/account manager, Dane Lenhard, was inspired once again! He took to his medium of choice, dry erase, and depicted the biggest event of Iowa’s Summer. That’s right, the Iowa State Fair. Some people love it so much they camp at the fairgrounds for weeks! That’s devotion! It’s also a possible sign of insanity.

I asked the artist about his inspiration. Here’s what he had to say:

Well, I tried to represent all the big things at the fair. The fried food. They call it the biggest boar, but I say fattest pig. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the butter cow. The only ride that is up year round, the sky glider thing. Our own Troy Johnson, complete with hair highlights is holding on for dear life on the right side. But most importantly, the people watching is what I enjoy the most. So, I tried to get as much of that East-sider spirit as I could with the pregnant, mullet ridden, too much makeup, smoking mother treating her child like a pet. 

There you have it! I am truly in awe of Dane’s artistic talent. He’s a visionary. Now go park on a stranger’s lawn and enjoy the fair!

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