App Happy Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of App Happy.  I’ve had my iPhone a couple months now and I’m still loving my iPad after a year, I figured it’s time for me to tell you the latest apps I’ve been playing around with. Just like last time, I asked around the office for some favorites.

Demon Cam:
This app is usually $1.99, on sale now for $.99, but well worth it for all the fun you’ll have. It’s brought to you by Video Copilot. For any of you out there that use After Effects this site has some great tips and tutorials.

[youtube _nQEJOIzHKk nolink]

It’s crazy how easy it is to turn your friends into monsters. I’ve posted some of the videos on facebook and the standard response is, “How did you do that?!” Well, I didn’t really do much of anything aside from download a cool app. You should do the same! Amaze everyone.

Video Time Machine:
I’ll let their commercial explain this app for you. You’ll totally get sucked into the time machine. It’s just so much fun! This app is also $1.99, but well worth it. Endless hours of entertainment in this app.
[youtube lerqJ4M2Ky0 nolink]

It’s a photo booth in your pocket! This app was made by the same company as Hipstamatic. (Discussed in the first installment of app happy!) Photobooth pictures are just more fun! Plus, it gives you an excuse to make silly faces.

Gusto Pizza:
A new local favorite. Gusto is a gourmet pizza, sandwich and salad restaurant on Ingersoll. They not only supply this fair city with delicious food, they also help out local charities with something they call “Social Share Monday”.  Once per week on Mondays, Gusto is going to allow a member of the non-profit community in Greater Des Moines to write about their organization.  We’ll post that on our blog on Monday morning, then broadcast that info on our social media sites and give away a $10 gift card per week for anyone who re-tweets the message or shares the link on their facebook wall.

And they have an app! To recap: great food, helps the community and embraces new technology. YAY!

Our producer has recently become obsessed with Pinterest. You can read more about Pinterest on Lava Row’s blog.

It’s a free app. Once you download it you’ll have to request an invitation. That makes it all feel more exclusive and exciting! Download and get inspired.

This is a GPS-based app for running, biking, hiking, walking. It measures and stores your information so you can keep track of time and distance covered. They call themselves “the Swiss army knife of GPS tracking and timing”.

Since Des Moines officially  (It’s official if Juice says so, right?) has a bike culture, another cool cycling app to try out would be Bike Repair.

Letter M Press:
Experience the art of letterpress on your iPad! Here’s the video explaining how it works. Pretty dang awesome.

[youtube GNtrB6bJYAE&feature=related nolink]

If you have any app recommendations please leave them in the comments. Go forth, download some apps, have some fun!

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