Who wants a pie in the face?

Our company principals did!

Every year, we here at Strategic America give back by donating to the United Way. If we get 100% participation from the employees our five principals volunteer themselves for some type of embarrassing exciting activity. Last year it was dancing to the YMCA at an all company meeting and this year it was taking a pie to the face from a lucky employee picked by the luck of the draw.

Waiting to see who’s they’re going to pick
Who’s the lucky one?
Mike’s pie was a little on the runny side
John was ready for his pie
Lore didn’t want to get any pie in her hair…
…and neither did Jim
Mike couldn’t let Bruce have all the fun when it was Nathan’s turn for a pie in the face
They were all such great sports!

I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next year if we can get 100% participation again!

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