SA Softball Recap – Game 9


Just like a hot dog, you really never know what you’re going to get when your Strategic Americans take the field. Is it all beef? Is that ketchup or blood? Will I get the meat sweats? (Answers: Define “beef,” a little bit of both and definitely!) Fire up the grill and put on your eating pants – it’s recap time!

Players in attendance!
Jim, Chris, Antwon, Katie, Maria, Kelly, Heath, Dane, Jessica and Courtney (sub!)

Fans and Super-Fans!
Kasey, Caleb, Kevin, Samantha and her husband, Michael Morain and Mr. Scott Lewellen

Let’s Break This Down.
• Chris was playing third base and got nailed with a line drive straight to the chest. It was shocking to witness and I suppose it was more shocking to have it actually happen to you (kind of like middle school). He also got a hit every time he was up to bat. As my cat would say if she was Spanish and could talk, “Buen trabajo!”
• Dane was very busy during the game last night. Not only did he scoop up a pop fly in the outfield just inches before it hit the ground, he slid twice last night. TWICE. I’m serious you guys. That’s more than once, but less than three times (I heart math).
• During one of those sliding instances, the third baseman (who may or may not have played Sloth in The Goonies) didn’t even tag Dane, but refused to admit it . . . until the inning was over. No rocky road for you, Sloth.
• You know what else happened twice last night? Antwon scored two runs. That means he tied the total number of points I scored in Freshman basketball. Kudos, Antwon.

Final Summary
Score: SA 2, Other Team 12

Do you remember earlier this week when our AC was broken and you were sitting at your desk, sweating through your pants? It was a little cooler than that at the game last night, but not by much. (Oddly, sweating through your pants doesn’t get the same horrified reaction on a softball field that it does in an office. Neither does drinking hot beer.) You know what else was not particularly hot, but warmer than usual? Us. We played well, despite the score. Not too many errors, only one potentially life-threatening situation. According to my really low standards, that’s not too shabby.

And finally, this week’s edition of Two Things I Overheard At The Game
“If history has taught us anything, it’s that you should never loan money or swimsuits to family members.”
“Instead of throwing it away, why don’t you just throw it into my mouth.”

Next week’s game is at 6:00pm. I know that overlaps with our workplace soiree, but your social options after getting all hopped up on cheese are pretty limited. It’s either catch the end of our softball game or end up in some dive bar, trying to get your hands on what’s left of the happy hour snacks. Think of your family!

Go team!

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