SA Softball Recap – Game 8


Does your farmer tan have you down? Do you regret giving up your promising career in freelance wig styling to go into advertising? Did your Strategic Americans pull out win number three last night? Did I just hear you adjust your Spanx? The answers to some of these questions are just moments away from making your headache worse. Let’s take some pills are start recapping!

Players in attendance!
Mike, Sid, Kevin, Katie, Kelly, Caleb, Jessica, Heath, Greg , Ayden and Amanda

Fans and Super-Fans!
Kasey, Mindy, Darryl, Kendall and Maguire Dillon and Jacob Welch

Let’s Break This Down.
• Mike caught some good pop flies in the outfield and Kelly held her own at second base. Kevin did a great job at first base too.
•I couldn’t catch anything last night. If that game was a day care center, I’d be the only kid who couldn’t catch pink eye. I’d also be the only kid who had to shave. And write softball recaps.
• Greg’s son Jacob expressed his dismay on how the game was proceeding by tossing a bat onto the field during the third inning. If anyone can get their young child to kick dirt on the umpire’s shoes (should that become necessary), we would appreciate it.
• We learned last night to never trust an umpire who wears mesh shorts and tucks his shirt into them. Even adding a Twilight Saga fanny pack wouldn’t have lessened his credibility.

Final Summary
Score: SA 1, Other Team 12

The other team may have beat us, but they deserve credit for being the happiest bunch of schmoes we’ve ever played. Every other inning was a group hug and positive affirmations to the point that area kittens were taking a break from being adorable so they could roll their eyes. Let’s take a cue from these joyologists – if anyone asks you about the game, tell them we came in second place.

And finally, this week’s edition of Two Things I Overheard At The Game
“Do you remember that neighborhood festival where they killed a goat in the street? My hair looked really good that day. ”
“Oh, that’s just a saying, like ‘Ooh. That sounds like fun.’ or ‘I love you’.”

Next week’s game is at 8:00pm. See you there!

Go team!

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