SA Softball Recap – Game 6


Like my Hootie and the Blowfish neck tattoo, missing last night’s softball game was the kind of mistake that only time and Boone’s Farm will make you feel better about. And that’s because we won! Your Strategic Americans took the field for the sixth game of the season and even in 90+ degree heat, we brought the kind of sexy normally seen only on a particularly lucid day at the DMV. Number 214, please step up to the counter for your softball recap!

Players in attendance!
Mike, Antwon, Caleb, Sid, Kevin, Dane, Shelly, Katie, Lori, Jessica, Kelly and Maria

Fans and Super-Fans!
Jim, Heath, Troy, Chris, Michael Morain, Tyler and Elsa Kopriva and Lori’s daughter.

Let’s Break This Down.
• Things got off to a pretty great start when Mike hit a home run during the first inning. It let the other team know that things could still really go either way, but we would cheer like crazy until they were ahead of us or I had sweat through my shirt – whichever came first.
• A little later in the game, Sid hit a home run! This one let the other team know that they were screwed. This was good enough that even if we didn’t win, we’d still feel like we did.
• Elsa was even in on the action, sporting a bloody knee (I think she did it when she was coaching third base). Even though she was injured, there was no crying. In case anyone is interested, she’ll be teaching a self-defense class in the fall.
• One player from the other team showed up wearing a sleeveless shirt (you know how I feel about that) and socks pulled up to his knees. You know what doesn’t exist? The tooth fairy and the temperature at which you should leave your arms naked and your legs covered except for two inches on either side of your kneecap. There is no such temperature!
Final Summary

Score: SA 9, Other Team 6

It was a pretty great game. There were a couple of batting situations that didn’t go our way, but everyone played well overall. We turned double plays, we caught fly balls, we kept a reasonable distance from their sort of pervy third base coach. Look at all the good decisions we made!

And finally, this week’s edition of Two Things I Overheard At The Game

“Every time I meet a new person, I figure out how I’m gonna fight them. You have a gimpy left knee, right?” (Jim Davis said this to the woman running the beer stand.) (That is not true.)

“My mom keeps her life advice limited to which episodes of Nash Bridges she thinks I should see and which wine goes with mood stabilizers.”

Next week’s game is at 9:00pm. Be there!

Go team!

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