HOW Design Live 2011

This was my first HOW conference. It wasn’t what I expected, but I’m not sure what I was expecting…I was rollin solo, which is how I prefer, just meandering around the city and conference until met some crazy kats and formed a wolf pack.

I’ll sum it up in a top ten things I learned from HOW… People love lists right?

10. Under promise over deliver. If you’re in a rut don’t bite someone’s stuff from a book or recycle a layout from previous. Trust yourself. You’re creative. Create. Give yourself some credit here, folks.

9. Giraffes fall on their heads when they are born forming a psychological  moat. Their fear of falling keeps them from ledges.  If you have tried and failed. Don’t be a giraffe. Try again. If you fall again, shoots I’ll buy you a helmet. Then you can try again.

8. Your most creative between asleep and awake. This explains why I’m most productive after 2pm after I get my 35 cup of coffee with My Bach (and her 95 packets of sugar and half a bucket of creamer). Or why I work best at like 2am. It’s my process. Everyone has one. Use yours. Time of day. Music. 95 packets of sugar…. Do what works for your creative process.

7. James Victore has a super sweet mustache.

6. Network. Is a net. You work to build. But your net is your support when you’re in a rut. Networking is less work and more fun. Who doesn’t love meeting creative weirdos from all over?! I know for next year to take more than 50 business cards…

5. Do passion projects. Stuff you are interested in. Even if it is after the insurance ads and 50 hour week is put in. Don’t lose your style. Keep your creativity fresh. Do what your good at. Refresh your inspiration even if that means rollerblading and collecting pound puppies… Do it. I won’t tell your parents.

4. Nobody anywhere likes comic sans. Ever.

3. Process. Metacognitive. Pay attention to nuances. …Ok. Maybe I don’t know what this means. I must have written it down in that between sleep and awake time.

2. Paper parties. Iowans can drink more than Cali folks and New Jersey.

1. Perspiration over inspiration. Get off your ass and do work, son! If you don’t know it. Learn it. If our asian intern can teach herself how to drive a stick (No fatalities yet! Woo! High five!) and my brother can learn how to change a diaper from YouTube. Teach yourself something. Make yourself a cut above the rest. Don’t be a lazy bum.

Whoo. There ya go folks. April’s top ten from HOW 2011.

Go now, young one! Be creative and make ugly things pretty. Don’t be a giraffe and grow a kickin’ mustache. Shazam!

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