App Happy

I finally have an iPhone! I’m late to the bandwagon but, I’m happy to be aboard. Who knew a phone could be so much fun? (The rest of you did.)

My first week with my phone has been nightly geeking sessions, downloading apps. I figured I’d share some of my new-found favorites.

Hipstomatic: Every picture I take looks so artsy and dramatic! My tendency to over-share feels more validated when accompanied by a cool picture. For example, I recently put some plants out on my teeny, tiny little balcony. That’s not exciting, but do you know what is? This picture of my plants on my balcony.

SkyView: Everyday this week I’ve been getting lost in space while sitting on my couch. Wondering where the International Space Station is in its orbit? This app will show you. It will also make you kind of dizzy, but in a fun way.

Super 8: This app is free as a promo for the movie. It does what its name implies, makes your movies look like they were filmed on a super 8. Neat-O!

StumbleUpon: You’ll find inspiration from places you’d never know to look. Just put your interests into StumbleUpon and it finds things it thinks you’ll find interesting.

Photosynth: This app is rad. There’s no other word for it. Photosynth stitches together images to make one big panoramic scene. Just sit in your chair and spin, this app will do all the work.

For those of you iPadders out there, download Flipboard.  It’s free and you will not regret it. It’s all of your favorite things from the Internet, in magazine format.  Twitter status updates have never seemed more important and informative.

I asked around the office. Here are some other crowd favorites:

The Daily: After subscribing for the free trial, Kelcey grew to depend on The Daily.

Angry Birds: If you download this you’ll become obsessed. You’ve been warned and I’m sure I’m not the first to warn you. You will have no control over how much you’ll love this game. We’re all fiending for this month’s update. Our birds are getting restless.

Zillow: Whether you’re looking for a home or want to see how much your neighbors paid for theirs, this app is the go-to app for real estate.

iSwifter: You can watch flash on your iPad! You just have to run flash sites through iSwifter. (Side note: The design is so cute! I love it.)

Share some of your favs and let’s geek out together!


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