Is Your Channel Marketing a Balanced Program?

Channel marketing programs are under constant scrutiny. The expectation is clear … performance delivery. Establishing the program’s objectives must be first and foremost. Defining measurable objectives leads to focused strategies and tactics. A channel marketing campaign objective might be: Increase participation with retail partners by 50% in the second quarter consumer promotion; Increase customer satisfaction by 15% of our signature product or service; or Drive a year-over-year sales increase by 20% in our Top 10 Markets.

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The 4 Cs of Strategic America’s Creative

We know what you’re probably thinking. Those “creative types.” Their offices exist somewhere far away in the building, they sit in beanbag chairs pulling ideas out of thin air, and they most definitely beat to the tune of their own drummer without much consideration for the typical processes and procedures of the agency. Right? Not at Strategic America.

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