Making Process Interesting

“How do you do what you do?” can be a question that leads to a long, somewhat arcane, and often interesting response.

It may test understanding, sales skills and the comprehension of the listener. Often, it helps to do what we have done for years. Draw it out. Tell a story. Make it relevant.

If process becomes interesting, it is because of what happens in the process. If it stimulates the imagination or spurs conversations in new ways or does cause people to “blink,” to reach an ah-hah! moment.

Innovation is a major driver in almost every part of our lives. Recently, I read a book, Brainsteering by Kevin and Shawn Coyle. Innovation often happens when—

  • We identify unsolved problems
  • We “De-average” users and activities
  • We explore unexpected successes
  • We imagine perfection
  • We discover unrecognized “headroom”

These are opportunities to start thinking differently.


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