Black, White, Hamm: America!

By now, you must know that this happened:


Sure it’s weird and disheartening and it makes you question everything you’ve ever learned about America (but not Strategic America, hey-O!). It is also making a boatload of money.

First, gross. Second, did you know that YouTube shares the money they earn in ad sales if the video you post is part of their revenue sharing program? My (brief and non-documented) research shows that YouTube earns about $1 for every one thousand page views and they split that with the person who posted the video.  In other words, this teen and her record company/child labor contractor have raked in over $20,000 on the 35 million plus views of the video.

I bet someone in our Media Department knew all of this. They are going to be pissed that I didn’t discuss this with them first.  They’re still mad at me for the time I told that foreign exchange student that they were the collective inspiration for the lady that Tyler Perry dresses up like in movies. How was I supposed to know he’d know what I was talking about?


In other marginally advertising-related news, it sounds like season five of Mad Men will be starting later than anticipated. My hair mentor and all-around super-fox Jon Hamm tells me (via the internet) that they usually start shooting in April or May for a July debut, but that Matthew Weiner (that’s pronounced like “whiner,” but you can pronounce it like the alternative title for a hot dog and I will not judge you), the show’s creator, and AMC (not All My Children), the show’s network, are still working on the money.

As I tell my cat, “Work it out, girl.” I need to see me some Joan and Don Draper! What I really want to see is Joan and Don hanging out and talking about why they think Betty White is better than Betty Draper Francis. I know this is unlikely. But it’s just a tiny bit more likely if the show is actually being produced than if it isn’t.

Wait. What if Betty Francis turns out to be Betty White? Disgusting. I love it!

So to recap, Rebecca Black, YouTube, Mad Men, Foxy Hamm, Betty White. It’s the circle of life and, coincidentally, the summary of all of my thoughts in the last 72 hours. Thank you.

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