Strategic Americans

It was a pretty huge weekend for your Strategic Americans and for the Couch! It was ADDYs weekend. The Dog and Pony Show. The fine folks putting on the show were kind enough to allow us to bring the Couch. Heath was strong enough to carry it up the stairs, with the help of Michael. Thanks, guys! As My says, they’re as strong as 4 regular humans. The Couch had a great time! It wanted me to tell you. Sometimes it has a hard time expressing itself (because it’s a couch).

Moving right along, we were winners! Here’s the rundown:

Public Service, Gold ADDY

Boy Scouts Mid-Iowa Council, Maytag Scout Center Fund Raiser

Interactive Media, Gold ADDY

Special Judges’ Recognition for Interactive Media

Elements of Advertising, Gold ADDY (logo)

Alur Walls

Interactive Media, Gold ADDY

Wendy’s Which Salad Are You?

Consumer or Trade Publication, Silver ADDY

St. Gregory Retreat Center, Choose Magazine Ad

Advertising Industry Self Promotion, Silver ADDY

Strategic America SA Opera Ad

Advertising Industry Self Promotion, Silver ADDY

Elements of Advertising, Silver ADDY (illustration)

Strategic America—SA Heroes of the Heartland Ad

Our COO John Schreurs received a Silver Medalist Lifetime Achievement Award. AAF’s highest honor given to an advertising professional. It couldn’t have gone to a better guy. Congrats, John!

And of course, today is HIGH FIVE FRIDAY! We have a VERY special edition of the Me and My Show for you today. It was filmed at the ADDYS. Enjoy. Happy High Five Friday!


We all had a great time. Here are a few pictures of the great times. Thank you to everyone for putting on such a great show.


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