A month or so ago Jim Davis told me he wanted High Five Friday to be a thing. After a bit of research we discovered it is already a thing in Portland. Sort of. Mr. High Five Friday was doing his part to spread the joy. It wasn’t enough though. Under the charming leadership of Jim Davis, your beloved Couch Team was on the case. I know what you’re thinking. (I don’t really. Don’t worry.) “Is this all they are going to post? Things about High Five Friday?” The short answer to that, no. The long answer, if we wanted to we could and it would be totally awesome. We’ll talk about other things in due time. This is High Five Season.

This isn’t just a Midwest thing or a Portland thing. High Five Friday has totally gone international. Don’t believe me? I have proof.

High Fiving Ugglie Wugglie photos courtesy of Kerry Barnes.

Spike the Cat photo and hand provided by Gary Rith.

Pretty boy Skye the puppy photo and fellow High Five Friday fanatic below, Jill Brown.

Beagle High Fives courtesy of Ugglie Wugglie enthusiast, Hamchuckle.


I guess that smashes any doubts you were having.

We’d LOVE to see any High Five Pictures you are willing to share. You can post them on our facebook page or send them to us on twitter.

Happy High Five Friday, homies! This IS a thing.