Doing the Bernie


The movie Weekend At Bernie’s was the first movie I remember hearing a buzz about. It may not have received any Oscar buzz, but Dallas Center’s Summer Recreation Group was sure pulling for it. Everyone who was anyone went to see it. It was the talk of Memorial Park. I begged my parents to take me. Weekend at Bernie’s was going to be my in with the cool kids. It was pretty clear how this was all going to play out. I would see it, EVERYONE would want to talk to me about it, I’d never be picked last at dodgeball again! The logic of a 10 year old. (I also thought White Water University was an actual college.)

My parents took me because they are kind, understanding people. I loved it. Did I understand it? I doubt it, but there was a dead guy being carted around and that’s fun for a kid. I anxiously awaited the next Weekend at Bernie’s discussion. It never happened. I missed my chance. The buzz had ended. Destined to be picked last for life. I blame Bernie.

That’s the thing. You have to get in on something while it’s hot. When Josh (the Ad Maverick!) sent me this video I knew this was life giving me a second chance.


I’ll be practicing my dead guy dance tonight. You never know when this craze will end. (Some may say it hasn’t begun, they’re probably still on myspace.) Next week we might be doing the Howard the Duck and I’ll be ready for it.


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