Media Buyers Know What They Are Doing

The other day my friend and I sat down for lunch in our usual place.  We have a routine. We warm up our lunch in the breakroom and head to a room known as the fireplace room (Guess how it got its name?) to watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Our routine used to involve the Maury Show, but his time slot changed.

Anyways, I sat on The Couch, as is my wont. My friend/coworker sat down in his usual spot. I turn on the TV and we’re going about our regularly scheduled business, when all of the sudden we notice the commercials seem strange.

“Are we on the right channel? These commercials are weird.” They were weird. They were commercials for people with expensive taste and money to go with it.

I checked the channel. Sure enough someone had changed the channel since our last visit. I don’t even remember what channel it was. I just knew we didn’t belong there. I quickly got us to our regularly scheduled programming.

Whew. A General Insurance commercial. How strangely comforting and also totally absurd. The General is usually followed by a commercial geared towards fans of music piracy. This is where we belong.


The same thing happens when I visit my parents and my Dad is watching football or (god forbid) golf. As an avid non-watcher of any sport I get to see commercials that weren’t made with me in mind. It’s fascinating really.

Big ups, media buyers. You are doing a hell of a job.

With warm regards,

Someone in the Creative Department/TV enthusiast

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