Bob’s Birthday Adventure

Despite the corny title, lunch today at SA was quite the venture. A group of close knit co-workers went out to Mercy West Hospital for lunch in order to celebrate (word on the street is that this kitchen is the best in town). Little did they know that clicking the “Accept” on the Outlook invite would lead to what can arguably be noted as the best birthday adventure in history…


Bob – An IT dude that helps everyone – at least 31 years old
Julie – The best production lady in town (and Jim’s babe)
Jami – Designs by David is no match for this girl
Kasey – Amiable winner that everyone likes
My – Unnecessary picture-taker
Heath – Mr. Traffic Man, controller of the office
Jim – That intern over in client services who is overly happy
Amit – Whoops, we forgot him
Terrence – Chef

Pre-departure: 12:02 PM


Bob’s Pet Monkey

Finally, an acceptable time to think about leaving the desk to meet for a noon lunch. Bob led the charge around the office, gathering all he could to join in his celebration. Jim quickly joined in because he learned that his babe, Julie, was attending. Screams of “babe” from Jim and laughs and chants from Bob excited the office and many more people were gathered for the fun.

Departure: 12:08 PM


Iowa Winter?

It is a snowy day in Iowa, a typical mid-day blizzard that frightens even Sarah Palin (a well known politician from Alaska). We still decide to carry on despite knowing the challenges that lay ahead. Less than thirty seconds go by and Bob nearly bites the dust on some hidden ice. Omen’s? The group thought not. After a fury of 5 minute snow-on-the-car removal, everyone was finally on their way.

Arrival: 12:14 PM


Some people got salads…look what they missed out on!

We finally arrive. Not knowing quite what to expect, Bob, Jim and others joined in the burger line. My started her picture tyrant, taking pictures of the ceiling, Bob and the awesome chef, Terrence. He cooked up for chicken and steak for some of the group while the others decided to get salads.

Eating: 12:27 PM


We were this hungry. No joke.

Yum. Everyone is finally eating and because it’s Bob’s birthday, everything tastes better! During the lunch, we discovered Bob’s plans for the night. They included staring at his baby and singing in the mirror.

The conversations were entirely random. However, important life lessons were learned and shared.

  1. Be careful during arts and crafts time
  2. Burning grease from a restaurant smells gross
  3. George the Chilly King is greasy
  4. Long John Silver’s should only be eaten in private
  5. Julie is officially Jim’s babe
  6. High-Five Friday’s are going to be a thing

Bob also gave a speech:

“Thanks everyone for coming…we’ll have to go to the other hospitals to complete our circle.” Such profound words from an IT dude. An inspiration to all of us.

Departure: 12:56


High-Fives make everyone happy!

We then departed, and High-Fives were given to surrounding people. Spreading the good cheer and joy.*

Last words

This post was written and Bob’s Birthday Adventure has now come to a close. Look out for more adventures in the future from all of us here at Strategic America. Have a great weekend!

-The Chesterfield

*For more information on High-Five Fridays, visit and/or .

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