Foursquare and Free Appetizers

To Foursquare or to not Foursquare.  That is the question…

Foursquare is running full steam ahead with over 3400% of growth in 2010 among consumer use!   To see additional stats including check-ins by category and various other information click here:

Business will most likely be joining in with the recent release over the past two weeks to develop business pages for small business and brands.  You can find out additional details HERE. My secret hope is that all my favorite  local/small business will begin using Foursquare and provide specials to their lovely clients, like myself.  I recently visited Christopher’s in the Beaverdale area and they had a free appetizer for patrons that checked in.  How can a girl complain about another way to save money?  Never… It would be like cursing to your Great Grandmother.  You just don’t do that.  Nor should anyone say nasty things about saving $!

Happy Monday and enjoy researching more information on Foursquare and all that it has to offer.

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