Pocket Couch hits Hawaii

As some of you may know our Couch travels from time to time. Alright. Once isn’t really “from time to time.” But it had a great time! There is internet evidence of that HERE. Let’s try to make Couch outings from time to time, shall we? Invite the couch places. It may or may not show up. Most likely it will show up. If it could talk I think it would probably say “Don’t threaten me with a good time.” It just seems like the kind of thing a 30 year old couch would say. That’s all you’ve never wanted to know about an inanimate object’s social life. You’re welcome.

We decided, since the Couch is not all that travel friendly, we’d make a Pocket Couch. A Couch that could go all the places actual Couch couldn’t. So I took Pocket Couch with me to Kauai. It had a splendid time.

Our darling Pocket Couch made a trip to Spouting Horn. It didn’t stay long. When you’ve seen water shoot up in the air a few times you pretty much get the jist of it and can move on.

Aloha! Pocket Couch really took to island life. Shaka.

We saw chickens hanging out with feral cats so we figured Pocket Couch would be safe hanging out with some of the island’s wild chickens. It would have gone fine if they hadn’t been whipped into a frenzy by me throwing chips. (Tip: Wild chickens LOVE Doritos)


Pocket Couch wasn’t worried about high tide. It doesn’t fear the ocean.

(I’m still very afraid of you, ocean.)

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