Get Wind of Sea Breeze


When I was younger I believed Sea Breeze was magical and created breezes wherever the user went. I didn’t really understand the product. I was 5. You don’t have to worry about things like astringent at that age. Although by age 7 I was mixing together some of my Mom’s lotions to try to find a formula that would make my freckles disappear. Don’t worry, I did not test on animals. Animals were for dressing up, not science. I’ve gotten off track, let’s get back to Sea Breeze.

I begged my parents to get me some Sea Breeze. They wouldn’t. They were cruel like that. One day all of my prayers were answered! My mom got a Sea Breeze sample in the mail. I asked if I could have it. YES! I will finally be able to harness the power of wind. My Mom told me just to put it on my hand, nowhere else. Fine by me. I rubbed it on my fingers and walked around the house holding my hand up to anything that crossed my path.

I didn’t really get the effect I was hoping for, but I thought I saw things move.  My mind convinced me I was seeing imaginary breezes. I probably just needed more practice. I called my parents into the kitchen for a demonstration. I put my finger near a string and excitedly asked, “Did you see it move?” Of course they did.

That’s the power of advertising.

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