Bras for the Cause

This was SA’s second year participating in Bras for the Cause.

Their mission statement:

Bras for the Cause Iowa is dedicated to the improvement of the health of Iowans, with a primary focus on breast cancer. Specifically, Bras for the Cause Iowa provides funding for various programs to ensure that Iowans who are either uninsured or underinsured have access to proven screening mechanisms, such as mammograms and cervical screenings; provides grants for related projects; and supports research for a cure for breast and other cancers.

All of the money raised stays in Iowa. Which is pretty awesome. The volunteers and organizers in Iowa have done such an amazing job with their event that they are now the national leaders of Bras for the Cause. It’s not only branching out across the state, but across the country. I can see why after participating in the event these past two years. Last year was amazing and somehow they found a way to outdo themselves this year.  We’re well on our way to kicking cancer’s butt.

SA has been great about letting the Bra Team go a bit crazy with the boob puns and have a lot of fun for a good cause. The extra bit of greatness is they have sent us to the Gala these past few years. We all felt pretty darn fancy, as evidenced by our giant smiles. SA is so supportive, we even got the go-ahead to purchase a mammogram from this gentleman prancing around in a bra! That gentleman is Eddie Berlin. He played for the Bears in 2005 and is currently an NFL free agent. Some people are probably pretty impressed by that, I was more impressed by his sashaying around in a bra. You have to love a guy willing to do that for such a great cause.

As was the case last year, bra brainstorming involves a lot of pointing at your own breasts. So, it’s best to brainstorm such things behind closed doors. We wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. We finally decided on Ms. Pac MAMM. Here are a few pictures of her assembly (for those wondering she’s a 38DD).

We were pretty proud of our finished product and I’d say SA should be pretty proud of their bra team. (Heath, Kasey, Jami, April and Julie) Our bra didn’t make it into the calendar, but that just gives us all the more incentive for next year. Behold, Ms. Pac-MAMM


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