Let’s Play Nice

You could consider the social web a blank piece of paper. But keep in mind that once you write on this blank piece of paper it’s impossible to shred or toss in the garbage. We’ve all spouted out in angry or frustration, but what do you want your Google search to say about you? Think about what your grandkids will see when they Google your name?

Remember in kindergarten when you learned to use your indoor voice? Let’s try something called, Online Civility. Props to Character Counts in Iowa and the Social Media Club Des Moines who are cleaning up the online world by promoting positive behavior and interaction online.

We’re all about free speech, but let’s remember to bring some common courtesy to our online interactions. Next time your reading the comments on an online news article and you want to tell HawkMama92 (This username is made up for the purpose of this story) where she can go, ask yourself what would be appropriate to say if HawkMama92 was your grandma…

Example of Online Civility:
HawkMama92: I hate Cyclones.
CycloneDaddy90: I appreciate your opinion, but let me provide you with a couple of reasons why you might want to support the Cyclones.

Side note: Go Cyclones! Better luck next time, Texas – you still played with heart. (See how I incorporated a positive message about Texas?)

Check out RevealYourCharacter.org which launches on Thursday, October 28, 2010.

We’ll take your polite comments now.

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