SA Softball Recap – Game 11

Game 11 Highlights!

Who loves SA Fan Appreciation night at the ballpark? Everyone who has any sense at all, that’s who. While the game didn’t end quite the way we would have hoped, we had great fan turnout. We also had ten million mosquitoes show up. Side note–I once knew a guy who caught rickets from a mosquito. TRUE STORY.

SA Team:
Matt Meyer, Stacey Vannorsdel, Mike Dillon, Lori Strum, Jessica Laake, Lindsey Held, Dane Lenhard, Heath Smith, Sarah Snider, Jim Davis, Tolandra Coleman and Chris the pony-tail sporting sub.

SA Fans:
Kasey Baker (SA Superfan™), Russ Vannorsdel, Chris Snider, Michael Morain, Mindy Efobi, Ellie the Dog, John Schreurs, Troy Johnson, Bryce Thompson, Chris Reed and the Creed Wife and Kids, Sara Boutros, Lisa Holtorf, John Holtorf, Rob Schreurs, Michelle Thornton and Chris the pony-tail sporting sub (he loves us so much, he is both a fan and a player).

Dane did this whole sliding/pop fly catching thing in the outfield. It was very impressive. I was planning on catching the ball with my bare hands, but his idea worked too. He also had more home runs. Mike Dillon threw out about 17 people at first base too. I was not planning on catching any of those with my bare hands.

Also MVP:
Matt Meyer. He brought the bug spray. Also, he played really well too. Don’t forget, BUG SPRAY.

Selected live tweets from the game:
“Mindy’s dog is catching flies and eating them. I am not fast enough or I would too.”
“Our sub is a man with a ponytail and we love him, but I suppose that goes without saying.”
“The Vegas line on this game is 14-3, SA.”

Final Summary

Score: SA 11, Other Team 16
Record: 2 and 9

• We had a nice little rally going in the last inning. Had the last inning lasted about 15 more minutes, we would have been victorious.
• If you get bug spray on your lips, it makes them go numb. It feels like you had some dental work done three hours ago. I suspect that it’s a good idea to avoid this.
• According to a recent survey, SA Fan Appreciation night makes three out of four participants feel 35% more fun and sexy.
• Thanks to everyone who turned out for SA Fan Appreciation night. You may have contracted West Nile virus, but we hope you had a good enough time that you’re willing to overlook that. I read that one of the symptoms is lack of appetite. If you’re dieting, that could really help you reach your goal weight (hello, silver lining!).

Next Thursday’s game is at 7:00pm. If this whole egg recall thing is bothering you, you should know that they don’t serve eggs at the concession stand. If you’re not at the game and catch salmonella, you only have yourself and the poor cleanliness standards of the egg industry to blame.

Go team!

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