SA Softball Recap – Game 10

Game 10 Highlights!

Slap my neck and call me Nancy, SA wins again!

SA Team:

Katie Popp, Matt Meszaros, Stacey Vannorsdel, Matt Meyer, Mike Dillon, Sarah Snider, Lori Strum, Heath Smith, Dane Lenhard and Ayden the Sub

SA Fans:

Kasey Baker (SA Superfan™), Russ Vannorsdel, Chris Snider, Michael Morain, a guy in a yellow shirt and the goodwill of all that is decent and pure.


Matt Meyer spent most of his time in the field schooling the other team on how to field balls and throw people out. He may have made them feel bad about themselves in the process. If anyone from the other team is reading this, we hope you’re feeling better today. Sometimes people end up being casualties of our greatness. Take it as a compliment! Good job, Matt.

Final Summary

Score: SA 7, Other Team 3

Record: 2 and 8


• The pitcher for the other team loves Cheetos. He loves them so much, he was wearing a shirt that looked like a bag of Cheetos. This is a fact.

• Mike Dillon hit a homerun! This is the kind of thing that happens when you don’t think about Cheetos all the time.

• The umpire tried to shame SA Superfan™ Kasey because he didn’t know what inning it was. First, keep your shame to yourself. Second, we have an app for that (see below). Chris Snider says we will always know what inning it is!

• The other team was mostly made up of giants. You know what else is giant? The green man on the bag of frozen corn in my freezer. Also, us beating them is giant.

• We went through the entire batting line up in the first inning! Four people called 911 because we were on fire. F.I.R.E. I just licked my finger and touched my arm while making a sizzle sound.

• To celebrate our victory, everyone is invited to Kelcey’s desk to eat from his five gallon container of cheese balls. For those of you who missed breakfast, here is your opportunity to start your day off in a delicious and nutritious way.

We have a bye next week. We’ll probably spend the down time lifting weights or high-fiving or something. In two weeks, we play at 9:00pm again. I think we both know that being there would the best use or your time.

Go team!


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