That Place With the Microwaves

There isn’t much around the office that gets people as riled up as the goings on in the break room.

Let me preface this story by saying that we call our kitchen/break room the Garden Café. There is no garden and it’s certainly not a café. I’m trying to break myself of the habit of calling it the Garden Café. I’m just perpetuating the problem by going along with it. I want to be the solution. I’m working in terms like “break room,” “lunch room” and “that place with the microwaves” into office conversation. Just seeing if something sticks.

Here are a couple pictures.

If this blog were an episode of MTV cribs I would say, “this is where the magic happens,” but it’s not so, here’s our break room. This is where people get the most irrationally angry. Or is it rational? I don’t even know anymore.

So many company wide emails about messes. Really though, what’s the point of cleaning up a mess if you can’t tell all your coworkers? That’s why it’s not fun to clean at home. I hardly ever get the opportunity to send out emails to dozens of people letting them know I did dishes when it wasn’t my turn. I guess I’ll just save it all for my yearly Christmas letter. Brag to my family and friends.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ashamed of myself and any filth I may have left in my lunching wake.

I’m sorry for any cleaning I left for anyone. My mess could have contributed to any one of the following emails:

If you made the mess with the coffee grounds across BOTH sinks in the Garden Café, please clean it up.

Whoever left the mess in the kitchen from the luncheon would you please go in and clean it up.
Have awonderful day


Clean as a whistle…Im confident the salad and two bread sticks that weve intentionally left out on the counter will be eaten up within an hour or two :o)

PLEASE put your dishes IN the dishwasher.  I went in late Friday and there were 2 sinks full of nasty dishes.  This attracts bugs, mice and snakes!  Please take a quick moment to open the dishwasher and put your dishes in it.  Thanks!

I took care of emptying the dishwasher and refilling it with the 2 sinks that were full of dishes this morning.  We’ll need glasses for lunchtime, so I started the dishwasher!

If you are getting ice from the refrigerators, please notice there are NO drains in the catch trays below. So…if you get ice and it doesn’t hit your cup/glass, please kindly remove the excess ice from the tray below & toss it in the sink. I just walked in the kitchen & there was water all over the floor in front of the refrigerators & down the front panels and melting ice cubes in the “catch” tray.

The ice maker on the pop machine is working now.


The pop machine nozzles are to be cleaned weekly. Apparently, this is not happening.
So, I’m going to clean the nozzles in 10 min. The pop machine will NOT be available. Please get your beverages NOW or you will be thirsty later
Reminder: this needs done on a weekly basis by the department responsible for cleaning the kitchen. If you don’t know how to remove the nozzle, please ask (redacted) & she will kindly walk you through the steps.


Whoever left the bag of cappuccino opened and spilled out on the counter…please feel free to clean it up.

This post dedicted to Ad Mavericks. Now kindly stop bragging about how often you get to eat at Jethros.

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