SA Softball Recap


Game 9 Highlights!

We didn’t win last night, but we had a good game (save for one pretty painful inning). No controversies this week either, unless you consider our last inning rally being cut short by a third out to be a controversy. You’re right. It was!

SA Team: Katie Popp, John Donovan, Stacey Vannorsdel, Matt Meyer, Chris Simons, Sarah Snider, Lori Strum, Heath Smith, Mike Dillon and Jennifer the Sub

SA Fans:
Russ Vannorsdel, Chris Snider, Jessica Laake, Martin Popp, Carpenter Popp, a guy with a mohawk, a lady with some piercings and the president of John Donovan’s fan club. Troy showed up about half way through the game, partially clothed. It’s very laid back at the Sands.

As you may have noticed, your Strategic Americans have been hit by a lot of balls this season. Last night was no exception. Stacey took a hit in the shin (bleeding!) while fielding a ball at second base, Matt Meyer took one in the chest while coaching first base and Troy was just inches away from catching a foul ball in the head. Mike didn’t get hit by a ball, but he was bleeding too. It was like OSHA’s nightmare out there. Here’s hoping your MVP designation makes the healing process less painful. Also, you guys should totally ask Stacey to see her bruises, but don’t be creepy about it. Nobody wants you to be creepy.

Final Summary

Score: SA 10, Other Team 13
Record: 1 and 8

• We had a solid night at the plate. We were hitting the ball like we were angry at it. No hard feelings, ball.
• Actually, I take that back. You were hitting us first, ball. You deserved it.
• No pictures this week, but I overheard a player on the other team say he was jealous of our majestic game play. MAGESTIC. He said it – true story.
• We’re putting together plans for a Fan Appreciation night at an upcoming game. To be more specific, we want as many of you as possible to come out and appreciate us. Irony! Incentives TBD.

Next week’s game is at 9:00pm. If you skip so you can stay at home and watch Jersey Shore, you will bring shame to all humanity.

Go team!

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