SA Softball Recap-Game 8

Game 8 Highlights!

We didn’t meet our goal of starting a winning streak last night. On the bright side, we aren’t on a losing streak anymore either. With one or two possible exceptions, no one on the SA softball team is currently involved in any kind of streaking.

SA Team:

Katie Popp, Matt Meszaros, Stacey Vannorsdel, Jim Davis, Chris Simons, Tolandra Coleman, Sarah Snider, Lori Strum, Heath Smith, Dane Lenhard, Shelly Kopriva

SA Fans:

Jessica Laake, Still on the disabled list

Russ Vannorsdel, Very late, but enthusiastic none-the-less

Michael Morain, On time, but less enthusiastic


Sarah Snider pounded the ball, allowing two runs to score for SA early in the game. Matt Meszaros played the crap out of first base and was a solid batter for SA too. Stacey Vannorsdel took a line drive to the thigh while on third base, hit by myself (again, super sorry about that). Not only did she manage to hobble off the field, but she didn’t punch me. If that’s not MVP material, I don’t know what is.

Play of the game:

Intern Jim slid across home plate (in shorts!) to score one of our points. Good job turning that one out.

Final Summary

Score: SA 3, Other Team 4

Record: 1 and 7


• The other team featured a quasi-celebrity on first base. We didn’t know it at the time, but a quick Google search shows that she is the current reigning Ms. Wonky Attitude USA 2010, sponsored by Lady Foot Locker and Wilford Brimley. She won this award by being perturbed for seven years straight.

• It was hot out. Of our 11 players, nine have showered since the game ended. If you can identify the two who haven’t, then I suggest you get further away from them.

• The umpire was full of useful information. A lot of it seemed to be made up on the spot. Also, he hopes to be able to grow a full mustache by the end of the summer. Good luck, umpire!

• It was tough loss for SA. We plan on making up for it next week.

Next week’s game is at 8:00pm. There’s only six games left this season, so you don’t have much time left to choreograph your own cheer routine to perform between innings. See Marilyn about borrowing an SA cheerleader outfit.

Go team!


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