SA Softball Recap – Game 7

America's Favorite Recreational Softball Team

Game 7 Highlights!

Are you ready for this? Really – you should sit down, get a cold drink and forward all your calls to voicemail. WE WON LAST NIGHT. Pick yourself up off the ground and go hug a coworker. This is a banner day for athletics in America. I’ve been fielding calls from ESPN since early this morning. I’m pretty sure the Register is going to run a special section featuring the SA softball team as part of this Sunday’s paper. What a fun and sexy time this is for us!

SA Team:

Matt Meyer, Shelly Kopriva, Stacey Vannorsdel, Jim Davis, Chris Simons, Tolandra Coleman, Katie Moriarty, Heath Smith, Dane Lenhard, A nice lady named Aiden from another team

SA Fans:

Kasey Baker, SA Superfan

Jessica Laake, Disabled List

Troy Johnson, Sports Enthusiast

Russ Vannorsdel, Stacey Enthusiast

Tyler Kopriva, Shelly Enthusiast

Baby Kopriva, Tyler Enthusiast


Dane hit a homerun in the first inning and followed that with a homerun in the second inning. He didn’t hit any homeruns in the third inning, which I think we can all agree is a huge disappointment, but he wrapped up the game by scoring the winning run. Third inning is totally forgiven!

Play of the game:

I came up to bat with the bases loaded and hit a double that got all three base runners across home plate. I feel like this play is finally going to get me on the cover of Awkward Softball Players Weekly. I’ll only agree to appear if they give me final photo approval and SA gets a free ad.

Final Summary

Score: SA 12, Other Team 11

Record: 1 and 6


• We won.

• Some bonehead from the other team was the last out of the second inning and then came up to bat first in the third inning. I don’t think that had ever happened before so the umpire sort of just shrugged his shoulders. So not only did we win, but we beat cheaters. ALL IS RIGHT IN THE UNIVERSE.

• We would like to dedicate this win to the following individuals: everyone on the team that couldn’t be there, Betty White, puppies, rainbows and champions of decency everywhere.

• The name on the back of the other team’s pitcher’s jersey was “Rube.” That made me think of Ruby Tuesday. Well it was Thursday! Maybe that’s what threw him off his game.

• After the game, the umpire was chatting us up. MAN-CRUSH ON THE SA SOFTBALL TEAM ALERT.

Time for next week’s game is TBD. Come and see if we can start a winning streak!

Go team!


You'll Always Remember Your First Victory

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