Monday Multi-Personed Mad Men Monologue | 302

Episode 302 | Love Among the Ruins

We all watched it. And now as we blankly intently stare at our Macs, let’s admit it, at least a few of our yet-to-be-damaged-by-scotch brain cells are still left pondering last night’s episode. So, for all you Greater Des Moines Area Ad Nerds (or Ad Nerds anywhere), here’s your unofficial online Mad Men water cooler. Questions. Theories. Wow-I-Can’t-Believe-[        ]-Did-That-With-Their-[        ] Moments. Whatever it may be, the comment section below is where it belongs.

2 Responses to “Monday Multi-Personed Mad Men Monologue | 302”

  1. reverendawesome

    First off Roger’s daughter is right, he needs to stop being totally disgusting. If my Dad were dating someone my age I wouldn’t want her at the wedding either. They could both stay home and take a long, hard look at themselves. Of course my Dad isn’t a silver haired pervert so I don’t have to worry about that.

    I was happy to see Peggy again. My love for her knows no bounds. She suffered a boring date for some hard-core making out. Also, her previous pregnancy taught her a valuable lesson about safe sex.

    I thought it was weird that Don invited Betty’s dad to live with them. It seemed very un-Don like. I bet it was hard on him seeing all that booze go down the drain.

  2. mattmeszaros

    I’m not sure how I feel about Bobby being replaced. I grew fond of old Bobby’s terrible acting and awkward lines. It somehow combined for some great moments, but now he has been taken out to child-actors pasture. Tell the two Coreys hello for us Bobby.

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