Monday Multi-Personed Mad Men Monologue | 301

Episode 301 “Out of Town”

We all watched it. And now as we blankly intently stare at our Macs, let’s admit it, at least a few of our yet-to-be-damaged-by-scotch brain cells are still left pondering last night’s episode. So, for all you Greater Des Moines Area Ad Nerds (or Ad Nerds anywhere), here’s your unofficial online Mad Men water cooler. Questions. Theories. Wow-I-Can’t-Believe-[        ]-Did-That-With-Their-[        ] Moments. Whatever it may be, the comment section below is where it belongs.

3 Responses to “Monday Multi-Personed Mad Men Monologue | 301”

  1. reverendawesome


    1. What is the deal with the Brits? Why are they so terrible? And how is Sterling Cooper a Gynocracy?

    2. It was exciting seeing Sal getting his gay on.

    3. WTF was up with that octopus porn?!

    4. I don’t get how Don was flashing back to his own birth.

    5. Pete was annoying as usual. Poor Peggy. She didn’t know any better when she slept with him. We all make mistakes. Just don’t do it again, Peggy!

    • mattmeszaros

      Reverend Awesome,

      Isn’t it obvious that women run the place? The Brits are odd. Mr. Weiner clearly has some splainin to do following the merger. Are we just to assume they gave Duck the ole’ Chauncey Goodbye? Does Roger do anything anymore? Will Peggy have to slap a secretary?

      Logically, I have no idea how Don flashes back to his own birth. I do, however, think it’s funny that he’s named after a whore’s genital curse.

      I want to learn how to dance like Pete. Sexy. Spindly. Spectacular.

      And, my most earnest question . . . why did Don space out when telling the Sally Birth Story. Was he not there? Was he freaked out due to the plane pin? Did he just have a brain fart? I don’t know.

      The skipping ahead seven months clearly leaves lots up in the air, and this whole week in between episodes thing will most likely cause me to go gray.

  2. reverendawesome

    I think Roger’s new job is to just show up in offices and make things uncomfortable for people. I don’t even think that’s necessary when you have offices filled with paintings of octopus sexing. Yes, that one painting means the office is filled.

    I think Don was spacing out about his daughter’s birthing story because he’s suffering PTSD from recalling his own birth.

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