Connected Granny

This morning I was standing in line at Starbucks, checking my Twitter posts and I received a text message.  The woman in front of me heard my alert and quickly whirled around and asked ‘how do you connect to wifi in this place?’  Turns out this old lady, I’m gonna say easy late 70’s, has heard you can get free wifi on your iPhone at Starbucks but she can never seem to connect.  A quick glance in her preferences told us her wifi was off.  Turn it on, receive text message, connect, done.  In chatting with her about how I use my iPhone and how she uses hers I was amazed at the speed and efficiency she worked over this phone.  Older people usually have a certain degree of difficulty when working with new technology.  Obviously that’s a stereotypical observation, yet not altogether untrue.  So seeing her was amazing to me.

Her main reason for getting the stellar handset in the first place was to keep connected with her family.  She has three children and seven grand children that she snaps texts, photos and videos to all throughout the day.  She told me that before she got the iPhone, she talked with her family members maybe one a week.  Now, with a quick check of facebook pages, text messages or even a phone call, Sally keeps connected with her family on a more than daily basis and is always up to date on what’s going on with everyone.  She also uses it keep up to date on the news.  She told me that she keeps several news delivery apps on the phone and whenever she has some time in line somewhere or on the bus or just walking around, she’ll open one up and take a peek at the headlines and read up on the world.  Awesome.

Ah the iPhone.

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  1. mattmeszaros

    Look at the shame you’ve brought to our couch:

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