In reflecting on recent, unprecedented events, I’d like to take a few moments to share how the SA team is working to protect and support people and businesses. But before I do, I want to assure you we will continue to do our part as a responsible business and as individuals, to mitigate the spread of the virus and help flatten the curve – our company philosophy and corporate culture demand nothing less.

Whether you’re a client, vendor, partner or friend, the Strategic America team continues to utilize all of our talent and resources to quickly adapt to our rapidly changing and uncertain environment. At SA we  have two things in common – we’re strategic and we’re wired for action. These are key qualities under normal circumstances, but today they are vital to our continued success. Having been in business more than 40 years, we’ve experienced difficult times and we know our success is directly tied to the success of you, our clients. Today, you need us to be at our best, helping you think strategically about communication – all kinds and to all audiences. You need us to be nimble – it matters more than ever. And you need an organization full of people who care about your business – whether you’re a large enterprise brand, or a small business across the U.S. – you matter to us.

We believe in finding better ways; we know we can even when we’re navigating completely unchartered waters. Why? We’ve prepared and provided our team with the tools and technology they need to stay connected to you. When you need additional counsel, we’re ready to serve from home or office. We are even finding better ways to keep our team and our clients safe and in touch – maintaining business operations and serving our clients.

While we won’t get everything perfect, we know if we take care of each other and lead with our values and culture, keeping you, our clients and our team, at the center of actions and decisions, we’ll come out stronger together.

John Schreurs