Strategic Planning

You can’t improve performance without a strategy.

As our name conveys, our product is strategic: Data-driven insights, research, planning and processes that have been developed, proven and enhanced for more than 30 years—and directed by people who get what’s important in business, and what’s important to you.

Our strategies are delivered through a comprehensive branding approach. By analysis and study of underlying trends and consumer behavior directed by seasoned team leadership, we get to a place that elevates marketing to the driver status it deserves.

Can we point to a single reason for our successful branding strategies? It might be the fact that we successfully serve so many notable clients at a level and that goes beyond execution. It might be the way our investment in the area of digital innovation results in new paradigms for planning, strategy and execution. It might even be that we understand how data so often drives and affirms strategy—and becomes our friend and yours in the process.

The progression we often observe is that strategy, in its comprehensive form, leads to better alignment. Innovation. Differentiation. Enhanced loyalty. And improved performance at efficient costs.


Producing actionable results.

Research-driven recommendations are critical to Strategic America’s success as we implement client marketing plans. SA utilizes proprietary and unbiased third-party data to develop, implement, measure and analyze as many components of a client’s program as possible. Qualitative and quantitative testing is considered to ensure a healthy sample size and actionable results. Our research studies are targeted to client specifications and often involve a national footprint from the U.S. and Canada. Among the research projects that Strategic America can assist your company with are:

  • Online Focus Groups
  • Topic-Specific White Paper Research Studies
  • Call Tracking & Analysis
  • Surveys
  • A/B Comparative Research
  • Secret Shopper Studies

Working with our strategic partners, SA can administer affordable research programs that provide critical consumer insights, competitive analysis and operation improvement suggestions within a reasonable period of time (often under 60 days).

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