In the world of marketing, creative is a noun.

It refers to the creative product of an agency, and to the people who create that product.

At Strategic America, creative is also a way of life. Our services such as graphic design and direct mail are what get your message noticed, read and remembered. These services are what make a first impression and what assures you of making a second.

The creative professionals at Strategic America have a talent for expressing themselves in pictures and words, and their success comes from translating that talent into a product that sells. The final product might be beautiful, funny, poignant or jarring—but it’ll be on strategy and it’ll be right for you.

Creative is the first thing agencies notice about each other. We’re the first to recognize when other creatives are raising the bar, and the first to find a way to raise it even higher.


The ultimate takeaway.

Don’t be misled: Your brand encompasses far more than your logo. It’s everything you want your customers and the public to understand about you. It’s how you look, how you sound, and how you think.

At Strategic America, we use an exercise called the brand matrix to help determine how your brand should be positioned in the market, what messages are most important, and even what attributes—helpful, edgy, bold, wise, etc.—you want to come across in your marketing.

We collaborate with clients to complete the brand matrix and then use it as our guide for all communications on their behalf. The brand matrix ensures that clients will reach their audience with a consistent voice and provides us a good running start for creative work.

Graphic Design

The eye knows.

Consumers are hit by a constant barrage of visual stimuli every day. If the stimulus is bland or otherwise unappealing, the message doesn’t resonate.

Fortunately, bland and unappealing are not part of Strategic America’s graphic design vocabulary. We prefer exciting. Different. Appealing. So we design materials that make an immediate impact on your target audience, first to capture their attention, then to deliver your message.

Can the message be delivered best with stunning photography? A warm illustration? Primary colors? Pastels? A great big font? We know the answers. And because we take such a collaborative approach to graphic design (and the whole creative process, really), we can ensure clients that our visuals will have the desired impact on your target.

Motion Graphics

This is not your father’s animation.

Motion graphics is still a relatively new medium, one that brings together elements of graphic design, video, narrative and audio in ways that can energize your brand. Our 3D motion graphics capabilities are brought to life by associates who are immersed in the technology.

Motion graphics is more than just animation. It’s storytelling in multiple dimensions, and it’s ideal for turning the intangible—complex services and processes, for instance—into something your audience can grasp instantly.

Strategic America’s commitment to motion graphics and other emerging technologies is a perfect example of how we’re positioning ourselves for today and tomorrow.


We’re on the air.

Strategic America’s broadcast output has been increasing exponentially in recent years, thanks to a team of experienced creative pros who know how to bring concepts to life. We’ve also joined forces with some of the premier production houses in the Midwest to find just the right combination of talent, direction, lighting, sound, music and more, all to turn each TV and radio spot into an event that grabs an audience’s attention and refuses to let go.

From poignant tributes to zany promotions to fully animated spots, our versatile TV team is ready to tell your story. And in radio, they know just how to engage your audience’s imagination and let your message get through.


Clear, concise, creative and correct.

Once we’ve captured your customers’ attention with our eye-catching graphics and incisive headlines, our next task is to deliver the meat of your message: the new, the amazing, the features, the benefits, and of course, the offer. In short, the copy.

The copywriting staff at Strategic America understands the value of writing copy that’s clear, concise, creative and correct. If any one of those elements is missing, the message is muddled and the audience’s attention starts to wander.

So we keep it crisp and clean and leave the fluff to the amateurs. At Strategic America, copywriting is one of the strengths we’re most proud of.

Direct Mail

Direct marketing services to take your message home.

When it comes to selling, nothing beats one-on-one interaction. Strategic America is here to help you communicate directly and convincingly to your customers via targeted email programs, traditional direct mail and interactive direct marketing services.

Whether you are cross-selling to existing customers or prospecting for new customers, Strategic America can provide services that will impact your return on investment.

Our services in this arena include:

  • Analytic Services
  • Direct Marketing
  • Web Services
  • Hispanic Marketing
  • List Services
  • ROI Measurement
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